Ward's Remodeling Inc.
We Work
At Ward's Remodeling we take the stress out of the remodeling process by keeping you informed and involved. While each project is different, most customers can expect these seven steps:
We meet with you in the convenience of your home between the hours of  9 and 5 PM M-F.  There we will discuss your changing needs and how we can help.
We will follow the consultation with one free estimate based on our discussions, information you provide, and similar completed projects.
With your approval of the project budget and a design retainer, we will provide state of the art computer aided designs for your conceptual benefit and working drawings required for permitting. If you prefer we will meet with your architect or recommend one. Some smaller projects do not require designs and may only require an agreement of terms.
Once your designs are in process and you have chosen materials, we prepare a contract spelling out all the terms of the project. A project schedule accompanies contracts for larger projects.
Most remodeling projects require permits. When your designs are complete they are assembled into “working drawings” required by the county for permits. With that we provide required permits and conduct all required inspections. This is part of the peace of mind we bring to remodeling!
This is where we get down to the business of making your dreams a reality! If you are staying in your home during construction we take special care to protect your belongings and make you and your family safe and comfortable during construction.
When all contract work is complete we schedule final inspections. In addition we schedule a walk through with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.